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Fellow Analysts

People Across the Blogosphere

  • Steve Shreeve
  • Larry Augustin
    Angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies.
  • Jeff Waugh
    Passionate about the philosophy of Software Freedom and the business of Open Source.
  • Ismael Ghalimi
    Founder and CEO of Intalio, creator of and initiator of Office 2.0
  • Ivelin Ivanov
    Member of the JBoss core team as well as Director of Product Development.
  • Vinnie Mirchandani
    Founder of Deal Architect, former technology industry analyst (with Gartner), outsourcing executive (with PwC, now part of IBM) and entrepreneur (founder of sourcing advisory firm, Jetstream Group).
  • David Rossiter
    Runs an IT PR agency focused on helping companies communicate with IT industry analysts.
  • Zach Urlocker
  • Glyn Moody
    Technology journalist and author covering the Internet and free software since 1994, 1995.
  • Brian Aker
  • Ben Rockwood
  • Joshua Schachter
  • Andrew Lark
    Award-winning global communications and marketing professional
  • Coda Hale
  • Jeff Clavier
    Software entrepreneur, senior executive, venture capitalist, consultant, angel investor,... in a rather peculiar (but hopefully relevant and fun) mix

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I would to like to extend my support to those who develop open source software for everybody. I do hope that someday, open source will overshadow the capitalism in software so that most people can enjoy the perks of technology without much money. People will also be able to invest for better hardware when that happens.


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