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Barry Sampre

Interesting. The market seems to think Google's a big threat to Microsoft's Office dominance, but where I work, we're actively replacing Office with OpenOffice, not Google's apps. Google's stuff is cool, but impractical for intranet/enterprise usage (no disconnected use, for example, which is required for our field guys). What I'd love to see is Google and Sun get together.


Great post!!! I use Project-ON-Demand their SaaS product because we need to see the Gantt chart in our browsers. We are in different countries/locations. However, I have used both Project-ON-Demand and OpenProj and they are both awesome solutions. This is a game changer in the market and will certainly be of interest to Google on the SaaS end and IBM/Sun on the desktop Office suite. Microsoft is in trouble as the Office Suites are now pretty much complete with word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and project management components ready, willing and able to replace bloatware from Redmond.

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michael jones

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George (I'm taking my desk with me!) Bailey

Great input - I've used OpenOffice with success, though there are some of those "features" that don't carry across well (could be just me). But I agree with the comment about availability off line - that's key and the Google solution only makes sense on a really smoking connection (yeh, I'm impatient too!)


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google is area real threat to microsofts dominance in the office productivity


Google's stuff is cool, but impractical for intranet/enterprise usage

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i know. it is amazing though on how they are controlling the ad network

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that's going to be a rough drive

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The projection wasn't taken seriously by everyone despite numerous factors working in the projects favor. Namely, the $1,000 price tag for Microsoft Project and its separation from the Microsoft Office Suite. What I won't do here is attempt to delve into how many users OpenProj will eventually have based on the number of downloads thus far. However, my perspective is that the entire office productivity landscape has reached an inflection point that is ripe for an extended period of disruption. One where OpenProj, among many others, will undoubtedly play a key role.
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