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  • Steve Shreeve
  • Larry Augustin
    Angel investor and advisor to early stage technology companies.
  • Jeff Waugh
    Passionate about the philosophy of Software Freedom and the business of Open Source.
  • Ismael Ghalimi
    Founder and CEO of Intalio, creator of and initiator of Office 2.0
  • Ivelin Ivanov
    Member of the JBoss core team as well as Director of Product Development.
  • Vinnie Mirchandani
    Founder of Deal Architect, former technology industry analyst (with Gartner), outsourcing executive (with PwC, now part of IBM) and entrepreneur (founder of sourcing advisory firm, Jetstream Group).
  • David Rossiter
    Runs an IT PR agency focused on helping companies communicate with IT industry analysts.
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  • Glyn Moody
    Technology journalist and author covering the Internet and free software since 1994, 1995.
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  • Coda Hale
  • Jeff Clavier
    Software entrepreneur, senior executive, venture capitalist, consultant, angel investor,... in a rather peculiar (but hopefully relevant and fun) mix

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Savio Rodrigues

Based on Oracle's history of competing by acquiring competition, I think that it's a matter of time before Oracle buys MySQL. The Unbreakable support may just be the first step.

Having a light-weight database (note: light-weight doesn't mean low-end) that was built with light-weightedness (is that a word?) in mind is much better than Oracle's current low-end offerings. The support revenue stream from MySQL would fit quite well with Oracle's huge (50% of total revenue & 75% of software revenue) maintenance revenue.

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